Velma Mockett

Research Associate, PhD, MTC, RCC

Dr. Mockett is a Clinical Team Lead at an Indigenous agency in Calgary AB. She is also a Mental Health Consultant at Blink Mental Health Services. She specializes in chronic illness, resilience, and mental health in the workplace.

Research Interests

  • Knowledge translation
  • Mental health & quality of life in patients with chronic illness and auto-immune disease
  • Resilience
  • Professional development for health & social care workers

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Dr. Mockett has undertaken clinical, teaching, and research activities in various capacities. In her current work she is responsible for the clinical program direction, staff education & training, and evidence-based practice support for clients. As a mental health consultant Dr. Mockett, collaborates with employers, and agencies on program development, evaluation and knowledge translation. She is a co-founder of the Calgary Vasculitis Association, she recognizes the complexity of vasculitis, and the profound impact the disease has on patients’ lives and has been working to promote awareness & Research. She has collaborated with the Vasculitis Foundation on initiatives promoting mental health and quality of life for patients with vasculitis.

Other Affilitations

  • Calgary Vasculitis Association
  • Canada Northwest FASD Research Network Action Team