P. Terry Phang

Scientist, MD

Dr. P. Terry Phang received his medical training at the University of Toronto, surgical training at Memorial University, and specialized colorectal surgery training at the University of Minnesota from 1996 to 1997.

Research Interests

  • Clinical research in the field of colorectal surgery

He holds American Board certification for surgery and colorectal surgery and has a Master of Science in Biochemistry as well as clinical research training in critical illness and colorectal surgery.

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His current research includes diagnostic imaging of rectal cancer, advanced techniques of rectal cancer surgery including laparoscopy, sphincter-preserving rectal cancer resection, and transanal microsurgery. He has taught many surgeons in B.C. and Canada on rectal cancer and laparoscopic colon surgery, and many medical students and family physicians on colorectal diseases. He is the leader of the B.C. Cancer Agency Surgical Oncology Network committee on rectal cancer that has the mandate of improving outcomes for rectal cancer through programmatic development in B.C.