Jason Sutherland

Program Head – Health Services and Outcomes, PhD

Dr. Jason Sutherland is a Professor at the Centre for Health Services and Policy Research at the University of British Columbia School of Population and Public Health.

Research Interests

  • Health system performance
  • Funding policy
  • Methods for improving cross-continuum care
  • Variations in utilization patterns
  • Accounting for differences in efficiency and quality of care

Dr. Sutherland is the Editor-in-Chief of Healthcare Policy and Associate Editor of Health Policy. He is a former Harkness Fellow for Health Policy and Clinical Practice and conducts research on the performance of healthcare delivery systems.

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Dr. Sutherland obtained his Ph.D. in Statistics from Simon Fraser University. Previously, he was Canada’s 2012/2013 Harkness Fellow for Health Policy and Clinical Practice at the Office of the Assistant to the Secretary for Health Policy and Evaluation of the Department of Health and Human Services in Washington, D.C. Dr. Sutherland is currently studying changes in health attributable to elective surgery using patient-reported outcomes (PROs), patients’ health over time, and the impact of funding policy.



  • Harkness Fellowship in Health Policy and Clinical Practice (Canada), Commonwealth Fund, New York
  • Scholar Award, Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research