BC’s young people given better access to mental health care thanks to new online resource


Photo courtesy of foundrybc.ca

Foundry’s new website launched this January, serving as a digital hub to facilitate access to mental health care, substance use services, primary care, and social services for youth and their families across British Columbia. CHÉOS Scientist Dr. Steve Mathias serves as Foundry’s executive director. Dr. Mathias discusses the way in which Foundry is transforming mental health care for youth in B.C. through its one-stop shop approach at its clinics (CTV News) and through the new website (Prince George Now).

Women unnecessarily suffering, dying from heart disease due to lack of research: report


Photo courtesy of Heart & Stroke

The Heart and Stroke Foundation released a report highlighting the sex and gender inequities in cardiovascular health. CHÉOS Scientist Dr. Karin Humphries provided her expertise to the report and asserts the need for greater attention to sex and gender differences in an article from CBC News. Similar articles appear in The Toronto Star, Global News, Newswire.ca, and The Telegram.

Crash fatalities increased following April 20 celebrations

Photo courtesy of UBC News

There has been extensive coverage on a study published by CHÉOS Scientist Dr. John Staples on the increased risk of fatal traffic crashes in the United States after April 20 cannabis celebrations. The study has been mentioned in articles from 125 media outlets, both nationally and internationally, including The Vancouver Sun, The Globe and Mail, and The New York Times. Dr. Staples provides a more in-depth overview of the study and its implications for B.C. road safety in interviews with Global News, CFAX Radio, and Radio NL.

The Doctors Are In Podcast

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Photo courtesy of CST News

Dr. Eric Grafstein, CHÉOS Scientist and CST Chief Medical Informaiton Officer for VCH/PHC, is hosting a new Clinical and Systems Transformation(CST) podcast, The Doctors Are In, talking to physicians at Canadian hospitals about the process of transitioning to new clinical information systems.

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