The results of CIHR’s Fall 2018 Project Grant Competition were announced on January 23. CHÉOS Scientists are leading three of the projects funded through this round of the competition and a further seven projects are supported by CHÉOS Scientists as co-investigators.

Drs. Nick Bansback and Eugenia Oviedo-Joekes are leading a network meta-analysis of opioid agonist therapies that aims to make indirect comparisons of effectiveness between different treatments by synthesizing the results of past trials. Co-investigators for the study include Drs. Aslam Anis, Martin Schechter, and Wei Zhang.

Dr. Zhang is also leading a study about developing more effective measurements of work productivity loss, supported by Dr. Mieke Koehoorn as a co-investigator. Dr. John Staples is leading a study that will look at the different driving restrictions on people with cardiac defibrillator implants and how these restrictions could impact the motor vehicle accidents.

See below for a full list of CHÉOS-related studies funded by the Fall 2018 Project Grant Competition.

Principal investigators: Nick Bansback; Eugenia Oviedo-Joekes
Co-investigators: Aslam Anis; Suzanne Brissette; David Marsh; Heather Palis; Martin Schechter; Jordan Westfall; Wei Zhang

Principal investigator: Wei Zhang
Co-investigators: Gary Johns; Mieke Koehoorn; Simon Woodcock

Principal investigator: John Staples
Co-investigators: Jeffrey Brubacher; Santabhanu Chakrabarti; Wing-Ping Chan; Shannon Erdelyi; Nathaniel Hawkins; Andrew Krahn

Principal investigators: Juan Avina-Zubieta, John Esdaile
Co-investigators: Hyon Choi; Martin Dawes; Mahyar Etminan; Diane Lacaille; Linda Li; David Maberley; Kam Shojania; Hui Xie

Principal investigators: Liam Brunham; Simon Pimstone
Co-investigators: Alison Hoens; Karin Humphries; G. B. J Mancini

Principal investigators: Katherine Plewes; Arjen Dondorp
Co-investigators: Caterina Fanello; Kevin Kain; Adeera Levin; Mavuto Mukaka; Marie Onyamboko

Principal investigators: Regina Renner; Bonnie Henry; Marie-Soleil Wagner
Co-investigators: Sarah Munro, Wendy Norman et al.

Principal investigators: John Cox; Daniel Grace; Trevor Hart; Jody Jollimore; Nathan Lachowsky; Gilles Lambert; David Moore
Co-investigators: Troy Grennan et al.

Principal investigator: Andrew Mcrae
Co-investigators: James Andruchow; Lawrence De Koning; Grant Innes; Peter Kavsak; Eddy Lang; Tolulope Sajobi; Frank Scheuermeyer; Andrew Worster

Principal investigators: Trevor Hart; Martin Antony
Co-investigators: Syed Noor; Joel Singer; Darrell Tan[/fancy-ul][/vc_column][/vc_row]