Research Resources

In addition to leading our own studies, the Centre’s other primary function is to support clinical investigators and researchers in conducting high-quality health research. From design to execution, CHÉOS provides a broad range of support services. Some of these resources are shared here.

Tricks and Tips

April 6, 2023

The Science of Storytelling

Undergoing research projects are akin to embarking on epic journeys. There is extensive preparation, resource gathering, and seeking guidance even before your journey starts. Once the project begins, throughout your research journey there are obstacles to overcome, new knowledge to consider, and searching for a truth that has yet to be discovered. Your research is […]

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Research Resources

August 9, 2022

Source Documentation 101

The 20th installment in our Clinical Research 101 series is by Leslie Love, Senior Project Manager at CHÉOS, and discusses source documentation, and why it is important to retain it for the research record.

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Clinical Research 101

October 22, 2021

Adverse Events 101

The 18th installment in our Clinical Research 101 series is by Project Manager Allison Coleman, and discusses adverse events in clinical research, how to collect and report them, and why they're important

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