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British Columbia CARMA-CHIWOS Collaboration (BCC3): protocol for a community-collaborative cohort study examining healthy ageing with and for women living with HIV

Swann SA, Kaida A, Nicholson V, Brophy J, Campbell AR, Carter A, Elwood C, Gebremedhen T, Gormley R, King EM, Lee M, Lee V, Maan EJ, Magagula P, Nyman S, Pang D, Pick N, Povshedna T, Prior JC, Singer J, Tognazzini S, Murray MCM, Cote HCF

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Which older emergency patients are at risk of intracranial bleeding after a fall? A protocol to derive a clinical decision rule for the emergency department

de Wit K, Mercuri M, Clayton N, Worster A, Mercier E, Emond M, Varner C, McLeod SL, Eagles D, Stiell I, Barbic D, Morris J, Jeanmonod R, Kagoma Y, Shoamanesh A, Engels PT, Sharma S, Kearon C, Papaioannou A, Parpia S, for the Network of Canadian Emergency Researchers

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