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Availability, Accessibility, and Quality of Conservative Kidney Management Worldwide

Clin J Am Soc NephrolDecember 15, 2020 Nephrology

Lunney M, Bello AK, Levin A, Tam-Tham H, Thomas C, Osman MA, Ye F, Bellorin-Font E, Gharbi MB, Ghnaimat M, Htay H, Cho Y, Jha V, Ossareh S, Rondeau E, Sola L, Tchokhonelidze I, Tesar V, Tungsanga K, Kazancioglu RT, Wang AY-M, Yang C-W, Zemchenkov A, Zhao M, Jager KJ, Jindal KK, Okpechi IG, Brown EA, Brown M, Tonelli M, Harris DC, Johnson DW, Caskey FJ, Davison SN

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Collaboration behalf of the IPDA (IPDAS). What Works in Implementing Patient Decision Aids in Routine Clinical Settings? A Rapid Realist Review and Update from the International Patient Decision Aid Standards Collaboration

Joseph-Williams N, Abhyankar P, Boland L, Bravo P, Brenner AT, Brodney S, Coulter A, Giguere A, Hoffman A, Körner M, Langford A, Légaré F, Matlock D, Moumjid N, Munro S, Steffensen KD, Stirling C, van der Weijdenon T, on behalf of the International Patient Decision Aids (IPDAS) Collaboration

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Cardiovascular care delivery during the second wave of COVID-19 in Canada

Arora R, Graham M, Singh G, Bewick D, Clarke B, Cowan S, Gin K, Virani S, Wood D, Krahn A, Ducharme A, Gupta A, Hardiman S, Hartleib M, Jackson S, Jassal D, Kazmi M, Lamarche Y, Légaré J-F, Chow C-M, Leong-Poi H, Mansour S, Marelli A, Roifman I, Wijeysundera H, Ruel M, Small G, Sterns L, Turgeon R, Wong K, Zieroth S

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