As indicated above (see: Obtaining Approvals), the PHC REB requires that the course on research ethics be completed by all study team members, prior to receiving REB approval.

Through Clinical Trials BC, academic sites in British Columbia have membership in the Network of Networks (N2) and have access to many other required training courses.

You must complete, at a minimum:

  • GCP training. Note: Health Canada does not define how frequently GCP training should be completed, but in general, sponsors require re-training every two years (N2 offers a refresher course). Check with the institution you signed up with for their specific retraining requirements.
  • If shipping specimens are included in your protocol, all personnel conducting the shipping must complete the Transportation of Dangerous Goods certification.


  • Division 5 training (required for regulated studies)
  • Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)

Membership in N2 also provides access to a set of clinical research Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Contact Julie Hadden, Erin Cherban, or Leslie Love if you need access to these.