Health Canada Approval

In August 2019, Health Canada, Regulatory Operations and Enforcement Branch (ROEB), released the long-awaited Guidance Document (GUI-0100), created to provide guidance in interpreting the regulations around conducting a regulated clinical trial in Canada.

“This guidance document will help anyone who is involved in the conduct of clinical trials of drugs in human subjects in Canada to comply with Part C, Division 5 of the Food and Drug Regulations and to understand the International Council for Harmonisation (ICH) Guidance Document: Good Clinical Practice: Integrated Addendum to E6(R1) ICH Topic E6(R2) in the Canadian context.”

Ethics Approval

This link contains guidance notes and instructions in accessing RISe (Researcher Information Services), the UBC online tool to manage and track your ethics application and funding support information online. Note you must have a UBC CWL to start. Instructions for obtaining a CWL are also located here.

The PHC REB generally meets the last Friday of every month, and applications must be submitted three weeks in advance. For meeting dates, click here.

Organizational/Institutional Approval

Trial Registration Requirements

Any clinical study involving human participants must be registered on a public clinical trial registration website. The most commonly used is UBC provides assistance for UBC researchers. See here for assistance in getting your study registered.