Tong A, Samuel S, Zappitelli M, Dart A, Furth S, Eddy A, Groothoff J, Webb NJA, Yap H-K, Bockenhauer D, Sinha A, Alexander SI, Goldstein SL, Gipson DS, Hanson CS, Evangelidis N, Crowe S, Harris T, Hemmelgarn BR, Manns B, Gill J, Tugwell P, Van Biesen W, Wheeler DC, Winkelmayer WC, Craig JC, SONG-Kids Investigators. Standardised Outcomes in Nephrology-Children and Adolescents (SONG-Kids): a protocol for establishing a core outcome set for children with chronic kidney disease. Trials. 2016 Aug 12;17:401-11. doi:10.1186/s13063-016-1528-5.

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