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November 2017 — October 2017

Ball IM, Burry L, Dodek P, Hutchison JS, Leigh JP, McCredie V, Murthy S, Rochwerg B, Cook D; for the Canadian Critical Care Trials Group and the Canadian Critical Care Translational Biology Group. The Young Investigator Retreat of the Canadian Critical Care Trials Group: mentorship and self-discovery. Can J Anaesth. 2017 Nov 17 epub ahead of print.

Piccoli GB, Alrukhaimi M, Liu Z-H, Zakharova E, Levin A; On behalf of the World Kidney Day Steering Committee. What we do and do not know about women and kidney diseases; Questions unanswered and answers unquestioned: Reflection on World Kidney Day and International Woman’s Day. Nephrology. 2017 Nov 13 epub ahead of print.

Davis AM, Kennedy D, Wong R, Robarts S, Skou ST, McGlasson R, Li LC, Roos E. Cross-cultural Adaptation and Implementation of Good Life with Osteoarthritis in Denmark (GLA:D(TM)): Group education and exercise for hip and knee osteoarthritis is feasible in Canada. Osteoarthritis Cartilage. 2017 Nov 13 epub ahead of print.

Guo Y, Zhang H, Qian H, Wilson DR, Wong H, Barber M, Forster BB, Esdaile J, Cibere J; IMPAKT-HiP Team. The association of femoroacetabular impingement and delayed gadolinium enhanced MRI of cartilage: a population-based study. Arthritis Care Res. 2017 Nov 7 epub ahead of print.

Jongbloed K, Pearce ME, Pooyak S, Zamar D, Thomas V, Lou Demerais, Christian WM, Henderson E, Sharma R, Blair AH, Yoshida EM, Schechter MT, Spittal PM. The Cedar Project: mortality among young Indigenous people who use drugs in British Columbia. CMAJ. 2017 Nov 6;189(44):E1352-9.

Gill JS. Cause for cautious optimism. Belatacept for patients with impaired kidney allograft function. Transplantation. 2017 Oct 27 epub ahead of print.

Rose C, Gill J, Gill JS. Association of kidney transplantation with survival in patients with long dialysis exposure. Clin J Am Soc Nephrol. 2017 Oct 26 epub ahead of print.

Zhang H, Wong H, Wu L. A mechanistic nonlinear model for censored and mismeasured covariates in longitudinal models, with application in AIDS studies. Stat Med. 2017 Oct;17(12):2463.

Hanson CS, Ralph AF, Manera KE, Gill JS, Kanellis J, Wong G, Craig JC, Chapman JR, Tong A. The lived experience of “being evaluated” for organ donation: Focus groups with living kidney donors. Clin J Am Soc Nephrol. 2017 Oct 9 epub ahead of print.

Hamilton CB, Hoens AM, Backman CL, McKinnon AM, McQuitty S, English K, Li LC. An empirically based conceptual framework for fostering meaningful patient engagement in research. Health Expectations. Oct 6 2017 epub ahead of print.

Gill J, Rose C, Lesage J, Joffres Y, Gill J, O’Connor K. Use and outcomes of kidneys from donation after circulatory death donors in the United States. JASN. 2017 Oct 5 epub ahead of print.

Tsao NW, Lynd LD, Sadatsafavi M, Hanley G, De Vera MA. Patterns of biologics utilization and discontinuation before and during pregnancy in women with autoimmune diseases: A population-based cohort study. Arthritis Care Res. 2017 Oct 3 epub ahead of print.

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