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Program Evaluation

Program evaluation is the systematic investigation of the quality or usefulness of a program, project, system, or organization to ensure accountability and/or learning and improvement.

Program Head: Dr. Beth Snow

CHÉOS Program Evaluation experts design and conduct assessments of programs and systems at all levels of the health care sector. Through our evaluation and implementation science initiatives, we support innovation in the delivery and organization of health services to improve patient care and outcomes.

We apply a diverse range of theoretical and methodological approaches to conducting developmental, process, and outcome evaluations, assessments of health care programs and services, as well as evaluations of systems transformations. We also provide consultation services to the research and clinical communities in designing effective program evaluation activities.

CHÉOS’ program evaluators are assisting with the following projects:

Clinical and Systems Transformation (CST) Project

British Columbia’s Clinical and Systems Transformation (CST) Project is a joint undertaking between Vancouver Coastal Health, the Provincial Health Services Authority, and Providence Health Care to improve patient care by making sure that their practices are evidence-based and consistent across clinical areas, and are supported by smarter technology including electronic health records. Dr. Beth Snow is leading the CST Program Evaluation, which will evaluate the impact of the CST project and identify opportunities for further improvement.

Health Supports for Youth: Foundry

CHÉOS Scientist Dr. Steve Mathias is leading this provincial initiative, which will provide low-barrier access to primary care, mental health, substance use, and social supports to youth aged 12 to 24. The “proof of concept” phase will initially establish five new Centres—one for each regional health authority, plus the already established Granville Youth Health CentreDr. Amy Salmon is the Developmental Evaluator for Foundry, and Dr. Chris Richardson is assisting with the development of Foundry’s data platform. Learn more at

Press Release (June 2016)

B.C. Emergency Medicine Network (EMN)

The B.C. Emergency Medicine Network (EMN) aims to provide real and sustainable system improvements in the quality of emergency care in all B.C. emergency departments, and to re-align resources to more efficiently improve emergency care and contribute to larger health system strategic initiatives. The EMN is also synthesizing best practices on a wide range of topics and developing an efficient communication platform to share knowledge and provide real-time support and advice to emergency medicine practitioners.

CHÉOS Program Leads Drs. Amy Salmon, Beth Snow, and Wei Zhang, Biostatisticians Daphne Guh and Dr. Huiying Sun, and Health Economist Tima Mohammadi are working in partnership with the B.C. EMN to evaluate patient-oriented outcomes associated with these activities.

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